Master Woodworker Dyke Roskelley

I grew up the son of a blind mechanic. Yes, it’s the truth. Even after his sight was gone, Dad continued to work on combustion engines for over 20 years. How? I would sit beside him for hours at a time and describe the machinery parts that I saw and touched. I would remove parts as instructed and then lay them out in a specific order so they could be reassembled later. I was Dad’s eyes.
Though I didn’t realize it at first, the endless hours of automobile work were training my brain to fully visualize objects in my mind and the steps needed to make the object appear in tangible form. I can see what a block of wood will become before ever making the first cut. My best pieces capture an emotion felt in a moment of time that is special to the owner: A childhood memory? Exhilaration of power? Warmth of security? My hands are the tools.
The combination of talent, hard work and a passion for beautiful objects culminate into unique, hand-crafted beauty featuring “Old World” quality. Nothing is mass produced by an injection mold factory. Each 3 dimensional sculpture piece is one-of-a-kind, lovingly extracted from the unforgiving and permanent medium of exotic hardwood. Your personal treasure awaits.
From the muscled strength of a bear to the evocative freedom found in a soaring eagle. Feel the majesty of the untamed stallion or the power and mystery in a moose. Sense the absolute fear of a targeted prey with a massive cougar. Incorporate a gentle giant into your décor with a draft horse like the Belgian Brabant. No project or design is out of reach with master sculptor Dyke Roskelley. His exquisite artistry and unparalleled excellence will make your one-of-a-kind dream come true. All this can be carved into a beautiful, hand crafted, fine wood, three dimensional wall hanging. Make your fireplace mantle, bed, or door extraordinary. His unique choice craftsmanship and eye for excellence beyond compare will give your project sophisticated elegance that will capture your imagination and transport your senses.


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