Custom Gun Stock Carving

Gun Stock Carving with Bald EagleCustom Gun Stock Carving by Dyke Roskelley

If you’re like me, when you buy a gun, you buy that gun for life. You respect it. You cherish it. You take care of it. You plan on passing it onto future generations to come.

If you are going to have a gun forever, make it something you are proud to carry. Make it unique to you. Make it something nobody else has, an original, a work of art. Maybe it will tell a story to future generations? Maybe it will preserve a memory to never be forgotten? Maybe it will make your friends cringe with envy every time you go hunting? (Hey, why not?)

You can have all of these things with a Custom Engraved Gun Stock.

Here are a few of the Gun Stocks carved and engraved by Dyke Roskelley.

Gunstock Carving Prices vary by design and detail. Quotes are always free. Request one today!

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