“Mountain Dun” – Wood Carving of Pack Horse Scene

Wood Carving Wall Hanging of Dun Pack Horse

Often the Dun is referred to as a buckskin, however, the true Dun is a horse of a yellow, blue or mouse color depending on the diffusion of pigment that makes the buckskin color, the red dun color , or the gray Grulla horse. Along with the coloring,  the Dun also has the primitive markings of the zebra bars  on the legs as camouflage and the dorsal eel-stripe from main to tail mid-line down its back.

Because of of its superior genetic qualities such as strength, stamina, hard feet and bones,  the Dun is the choice of horsemen around the world. It is also the star horse in many movies including “Dances with Wolves” and the Disney film “Spirit”.



  • Solid White Pine


  • 48 inches wide
  • 56 inches tall
  • 3 inches deep

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